MedEvac coverage for the best global assurance



Available to all U.S. Residents to age 84

Travel MedEvac plans are available to U.S. residents/U.S. expatriates with a valid U.S. billing address

If returning home in the event of a medical emergency is important to you, Travel MedEvac is for you. True Insurance…True Peace of Mind. Transport to Your Home Hospital When the Unexpected Happens Real Insurance – Regulated and Underwritten by a Highly Rated Insurer. COVID is covered.


Optional Travel Medical & Emergency Accident and Sickness Coverage

The option is available to be added when purchasing Travel MedEvac insurance



 American/Canadian & over 85 y/o

No age limit and no medical necessity or nearest appropriate facility clauses. For American and Canadian Expats, frequent travelers. AirMed provides air evacuation from anywhere in the world to your home hospital of your choice Guaranteed acceptance. COVID is covered. Available for individuals in the U.S. and Canada. Family plans include 2 adults and up to 5 dependents. May purchase away from home.



Memberships for residents of the U.S., Canada or Mexico, up to age 84.

As a MedjetAssist Member, if you become hospitalized 150 miles or more from your primary residence, Medjet will arrange medical transportation to a home-country hospital of your choice for inpatient care regardless of medical necessity. COVID is covered

* Must purchase before leaving home country.


Adventure Seekers!

Are you an adventure seeker? Climbers, skiers, expeditions, safaris etc. Are you traveling to a remote location or anyplace where immediate access to quality medical services is not available?

Travel Medical

*Does not include Medevac “hospital of choice” medical evacuation. Plans provide medical evacuation coverage only to the nearest adequate facility from where you are hospitalized.

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